Spiritual Direction and Energy Awareness

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”   Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Why am I here?  What is my purpose in life?  How do I find love?  How do I connect with something greater than myself?

For millennia, humans have asked these questions, the same questions that you and I ask today.  And for millennia, attempts have been made to answer them.  MANY times, these answers have come from outside of us:  our parents, our tribe, our church, our religion, our friends, books we read, things posted on social media.  There is SO much information written and scattered and disseminated all over the globe about who you are that it is an explosion of noise!!

Bringing the focus to the spiritual, to the energetic helps dampen the cacophony of noise.  To answer the big questions of life, it helps to turn down the voices and messages you have been hearing for years and tune in to your inner voice, your intuition, your soul.  The answers are within you.  You are the primordial, expressed in human form.


“When someone deeply listens to you, your bare feet are on the earth and a beloved land that seemed distant is now at home within you.”  John Fox

The primary art of our spiritual exploration together is listening.  As your spiritual director, I will be fully present.  A non-judgmental, open-minded listener.  I will be a witness to your story and your life experience.  Spiritual listening is a wholeness-centered relationship within which to process significant life changes, grief, self-esteem, lingering anger, loneliness and many other elements of human life.  I call it “wholeness-centered” because you are already whole.  You already have within you all the love, wisdom, and courage you need.  Having someone listen to you will assist you in discovering and nurturing these gifts within you.


The most rewarding, moving, and inspiring work I do each day is listening to another human being.  It seems to me as though listening uncovers another person’s light.  All that you have to say is beautiful, all worthy of being heard.  Just being heard can actually generate a healing experience within the person who is speaking.  This is a miracle and a mystery.  It humbles me that I am walking on this sacred ground every day.



One of my favorite things to do is explore!  One can explore the physical world through travel, hiking, going to concerts, and one can explore the spiritual world through stillness and mantras and connecting with the cycles of the moon.  Remember, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and therefore, we can do both! 


Calling upon my education and experience, together we will explore the spiritual traditions and practices that might help you illuminate your life.  We might help you develop a personal meditation practice.  Maybe you will start drumming.  Maybe you are interested in learning shamanic journeying or healing techniques.  Maybe you want to deepen your experience of working with the 12 Steps.  Your interests and intuition will guide our exploration and serve as our map. 


Is spiritual life coaching? 

Although I have 18 years of experience providing spiritual counseling for persons experiencing physical illness, mental illness, and chemical dependency, I am not a licensed psychologist or counselor.  Spiritual life coaching is not meant as a substitute for the therapy or medication.  However, my experience can help the two of us discern together your immediate and long term needs for mental health care.

That said, all illnesses have as their origin some form of imbalance or disruption in the natural harmony of your body, mind, and soul.  Spiritual life coaching can sometimes be enough—more than enough—to help you through challenges and towards understanding of your own innate love and wisdom. 

How is spiritual life coaching different from traditional counseling?

We are not going to ‘fix’ you.  Primordial Love spiritual life coaching starts with the assumption that you are already whole, that you are not wrong, sinful, bad, or irreparably broken.  The wholeness and love within you will find its unique way to slowly regain prominence in your intent and being.  There is nothing truly wrong with you.  There is nothing wrong with you!  Things happen in everyone’s life:  things we do to ourselves, things done to us, things we do to others, and things that just happen!  It is not because you are bad that these things happened, nor have the circumstances of your life in some way made you inherently wrong.  You cannot be wrong.  You are the primordial, part of everything, connected to love. 

How many times will we meet?

The journey to ‘who you are’ will be different for everyone.  One session of spiritual life coaching might be enough for you to jump-start your soul into a new life led by love.  Some people might want to dig deep into long-held beliefs, learn meditation, practice shamanic journeying, or get help healing from a significant loss, and so will sign-up for multiple sessions.  The exploring will be tailored to your soul’s unique path.

What will we do?

Sessions will usually last about one hour, but the time is not as important as attending to what is happening in the moment.  Every individual experience will be different because it will be personalized, but in general we will take time for your personal reflection on your spiritual journey, exploring possible tools and guides to deepen or enliven your journey, and practicing together the spiritual techniques that speak to you.

Where will we meet?

Until our global pandemic affords us the safety to meet in person, all sessions will be conducted online.

Please email me to set up a free, initial 20 minute "get to know you" session at:  Maren@PrimordialLove.com

Thank you!