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Primordial Love

"Love is the source of all things" 
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  • What is Spiritual Health?
    There are three main parts of a healthy life: physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual. Of these three, spiritual health is too often undervalued and under-appreciated. Spiritual Health means enjoying a resilient and supportive connection to one's self and the greater world by attending to faith/philosophy, practices, and awareness. From my perspective, growing, nurturing, and enjoying a healthy spiritual life is perhaps the most rewarding and beneficial thing we can do for ourselves. As a Spiritual Health Practitioner, it is my mission and passion to assist others in understanding and exploring their own spiritual life so that it can be a resilient foundation and inspiration for who they are and how they want to be a part of in the world.
  • Spiritual Health Counseling and Coaching
    CARING FOR SPIRITUAL HEALTH: Spiritual Health Counseling and Coaching provide personalized and empathic guidance for the unfolding awareness of your spiritual being. Spiritual Health Counseling and Coaching will support you through the challenging stages and transitions of life. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, we were made and born to be spiritual beings, and caring for your spiritual health is as important as caring for your physical and mental health. FINDING A SPIRITUAL 'HOME': In this day and age, so many of us are questioning. We don't have a religious home or don't fully understand how the religion we are a part of is supporting our spiritual lives. Spiritual Health Counseling and Coaching can assist you in finding or rediscovering the communities, places, and practices that help you sense meaning, feel connected, and feel spiritually supported. CONNECTING TO ONE'S OWN KNOWING: Spiritual Health Counseling and Coaching can assist you in turning off the noise and living from your soul. To answer the big questions of life, we begin by turning down the voices and messages you have been hearing from others for years and tuning into your inner voice, your intuition, your soul. You have so much wisdom and love within you!
  • What is Energy Healing?
    We are physical beings, but we are also made of energy. Energy is the stuff the universe is made from--physicists agree on this! Energy is also the realm of consciousness, intuition, spiritual connection, or non-ordinary reality. Our energy is impacted by accidents, trauma, divorce, grief, and many other things. We can have disruptions in our energy, and when this happens, it is helpful and healing to have an energetic practitioner facilitate the unblocking, restoration, and re-connection of our energy.
  • What is Primordial Love?
    Primordial Love is the name of my business, and comes from an understanding of life that has grown through direct experience and through nurturing my spiritual life. Primordial Love is the ever-present, ever-creating impulse of all reality that has allowed everything we experience and witness to exist, including things we do not yet know exist. Primordial Love is the source of all things. All things. Primordial Love has been present from the beginning of whatever the beginning was. And even if all things go away, if this earth dies, if the universe collapses into itself and disappears, the Primordial Love will still be there, having allowed it all to happen. All things are infused with Primordial Love. Astroids, dark matter, oceans, birds, and all of you reading this now. You are Primordial Love in human form. Everyone is. Discovering your true nature as part of this greater whole is the quest of a healthy spiritual life as well as art, music, philosophy, religion, sex, and so many things we do as humans. Primordial Love is the mystical foundation of what I do as a Spiritual Health Practitioner. It informs my philosophy as well as the mission of my vocation. This perspective is broad enough to contain all philosophies and beliefs. You are welcome here, just as you are. All is Love.


- Americo Yabar

from Minecraft

the universe said i love you

and the universe said you have played the game well

and the universe said everything you need is within you

and the universe said you are stronger than you know

and the universe said you are the daylight

and the universe said you are the night

and the universe said the darkness you fight is within you

and the universe said the light you seek is within you

the universe said you are not alone

the universe said you are not separate from every other thing

the universe said you are the universe tasting itself, talking to itself,

reading its own code

and the universe said i love you because you are love


At Primordial Love, we offer spiritual healing and energy healing sessions. Schedule your discovery call today to see if we are a good fit!

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