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a little about me

I am a spiritual health practitioner and have been working as a professional chaplain and behavioral health therapist with extensive experience in trauma and mental illness.  Since 2003, I have witnessed and supported thousands of beautiful beings as they journey through pain, loss, and discovery.  I have a Masters Degree in Religious Studies and a Masters of Divinity.  I have been trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction from Jon Kabat-Zinn and teach and practice meditation and mindfulness.  Since 2002, I began studying shamanism in the Andean tradition, traveled to Peru, and learned shamanic healing and journeying from prominent shamanic teachers.  I have studied Tibetan Buddhism and have traveled to India and Nepal, spending hundreds of hours at the feet of great masters.  

I know that you can heal. I know that you can heal yourself. I have had a profound personal experience of healing myself from a series of long-term chronic and inexplicable illnesses. After two years of going to doctors and trying new supplements and diets, I was still so weak and ill. I began my journey back to health using the concept of neuroplasticity and a month later combining daily energetic healings and visualizations on myself. My health dramatically--and to quote one of my health providers, "miraculously"--improved. I want the same for you. I know how difficult it is living with pain, fatigue, and brain fog. When you have had all the scans, all the blood tests, and have taken a plethora of medicines and still are not well, I want to help. Together, we will find a tailored and personal path towards healing for you. I know this is possible. I trust the universe, I trust your being and its innate wisdom and power.

I believe in you.  My approach to therapy and healing is based in love, mindfulness, and awareness of energy.  Working with me, you will learn about yourself, the universe, your spiritual life, your energy body and how it interacts with the universe around you, and your unfolding self-awareness.  You will be able to re-connect and re-imagine your unique being and purpose in this life. 


Let's go!!

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