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Energy Healing

  • 50 min
  • 155 US dollars
  • Primordial Love

Service Description

Energy Healing is a therapy or intervention that balances, clears, connects, and restores the energy within and around the human body. The foundation for energy healing I do is called "healing touch," which is almost a misnomer, because this kind of healing does not have to involve touching a person. Building upon healing touch, I incorporate the use of stones, shamanic journeying, wisdom from spirit guides and intuition to further support the healing process. Healing is a lot like the timing of leaves changing color or the opening of a butterfly chrysalis. The exact when and how is a mystery--until it happens. Energy healing creates the right circumstances for healing to occur. When, how? These are answers left to the Universe and its infinite wisdom to share. Know that our healing sessions will remove blockages and open channels of healing, like sunlight or good soil for a plant that wants to grow. Healing will happen. A typical session will begin with a brief conversation regarding circumstances that are coming forward in your life or things that continue to be present from the past. Next, you will lay down on a massage-therapy table, remaining fully clothed, maybe using a blanket for comfort. I will do a series of energetic passes and assessments of the energy layers around your body, your energy chakras, as well as the energy within, smoothing and balancing the energies as is needed. Individual intuitions and mysteries may emerge in each unique session, but most sessions will culminate with a deepened connection to the greater whole, the Primordial Love.

Contact Details

  • 1318 NW 20th Ave., Portland, OR, USA

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