Empowering Your Resilience



"Paying attention, on purpose, in the moment, without judgment."  Jon Kabat Zinn

We live in a world that is more demanding of our attention than ever before--and it takes a toll.  Stress and dis-ease are more prevalent in modern society, and our bodies and minds struggle to cope.  Through the very simple, direct techniques of mindfulness, one can cultivate an awareness of the mind and body in the present moment, notice and responding to what one observes there.  

Fortunately, most teachers of mindfulness and I believe that you have an innate capacity within you for awareness.  It is a matter of remembering this capacity and nurturing a practice of it.

In these five mindfulness coaching sessions, you will:

  • learn basic forms of meditative focus to begin to build awareness skills

  • learn how stress or anxiety is impacting your life, and develop steps for change

  • become more attuned with your body, its sensations, and its connection to your mind 

  • become more accepting of uncomfortable sensations, thoughts, and emotions

  • learn how to lovingly care for oneself and others through meditative practice

**I AM CURRENTLY OFFERING THESE FIVE MINDFULNESS COACHING SESSIONS FOR FREE TO FRONTLINE HEALTHCARE WORKERS.  As we continue to face one of the worst healthcare crises in history, these nurses, doctors, and medical staff face overwhelming stress.  If you are a healthcare worker, or if someone you know is, please share a link to this site with them. 

Where will we meet?

Until our global pandemic affords us the safety to meet in person, all sessions will be conducted online.  Some mindfulness coaching sessions may be held outside, in nature if you are here in Portland, Oregon!

Please email me to set up a free, initial 20 minute "get to know you" session at:  Maren@PrimordialLove.com

Thank you.