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Group Therapy

Discover how supportive and inspiring a small community can be.


Group therapy is a place to find a supportive, compassionate community with whom you can talk about your spiritual, mental, relationship, physical, and vocational health.  Something special happens when space is shared and honored among peers--understanding and empathy, and feeling like you are not alone in your circumstances.  This group therapy aims to leverage or maximize a healthy spiritual life for the benefit of other areas of one’s life, mentioned above.  Group therapy also offers immediate and meaningful access to support and comfort for the feelings and experiences you are having.


The cost for group therapy is $75 per 80 minute session.  For more information, contact Maren via email at to ask questions and learn more about group openings.

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Young Adult Therapy Group

If you are 18-25 years old and you want to be together with like-hearted persons going through a similar stage in life, then this is the group for you!  Maren has extensive experience working with young adults experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, life transitions, and seeking self-discovery.  The groups are small—only 3-4 persons in each group.  For the sake of continuity and development of group trust, you will be asked to commit to at least 12 sessions consecutively (allowing for life events and arranged absences, of course).

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Spiritual Health Group

This group is fertile ground for growing your spiritual life and integrating its benefits with other aspects of life.  Open to persons of all or no faith backgrounds, your beliefs and practices will be welcomed here, and you will learn ways to formulate deeper and more intimate relationships with spirituality and its expression in your unique life.  This group is also a supportive and non-judgmental space in which to learn how to lovingly care for oneself and nurture self-compassion.  Group is small:  3-4 persons.

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Mindfulness for Life Group

Based upon the principles and lessons taught in MBSR, Maren will teach and facilitate mindfulness tools in the 5-week small group.  If you have ever wondered about meditation, mindfulness and what that’s all about, or are looking for ways to feel less stressed and less overwhelmed, this is a wonderful opportunity in an intimate setting to learn mindfulness while reflecting upon the stressors, issues, and life changes you might be experiencing.  The group will consist of practice time, check-in and reflection, and homework!  Join the unique opportunity that a small group can be!  Group is limited to 3-4 persons for the 5-week session.

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Holistic Life Group

This on-going support group is specifically for persons that are motivated to set goals, follow a vision, or make change in their lives.  So often in life, we experience a health event, a relationship loss or a job change, and we realize that other things in our life also need to change to support the person we have become.  Maybe you want to start meditating or learn how to forgive or eat a better diet or how to grieve or find a wonderful partner.  While the goals might be different, the intent of this group will be encouragement, accountability, and GRACE!  We will use skills such as intuition, visioning, and manifestation within this group setting.  Change is hard.  But with empathetic support from like-hearted peers, it is easier to embrace.  This group is limited to 3-4 persons.

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Religious/Spiritual Trauma Recovery Group

This supportive small group will specifically attend to the unique experience of having survived religious and/or spiritual abuse and trauma.  It is a particularly challenging experience to survive, especially given the power of religion to shame and judge us because we are deemed “sinful” or “unworthy” or “unacceptable to God.”  In this group, we will share a safe, compassionate space for each other to begin to heal the wounds of this trauma and abuse, as well as nurture each other’s search for meaning found in new expressions of a healthy spiritual life.  This is a small group, 3-4 persons.

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Healthcare Provider Support Group

The past three years have put a tremendous strain on our nation’s healthcare system—which was already sufficiently challenged.  Whether you were a doctor, nurse, social worker, respiratory therapist, EMT—your job and your life changed significantly during the pandemic.  You witnessed and experienced events you may have never encountered before.  And now you might have lingering trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, and burnout.  This support group is specifically for frontline healthcare workers seeking a setting and community in which to find a path towards healing, renewal, and hope again.  Group is in person in Portland, OR, and limited to 3-4 persons, or online and available to persons from all nations.

Integrating Spirituality into Practice: 

A Professional Consultation Group for Therapists.

If you are a therapist who has been longing to bring your spiritual perspective and wisdom into your private practice but wondering how best to integrate spirituality with your practice, this is the group for you.  Grounded in conversation about our personal spiritual practice and beliefs, we will learn about best-practices as well as approaches for talking about religion and spirituality with clients.  This is a monthly consultation group, meeting in-person in Portland, OR, or online for therapists throughout the world.  Cost is $155/hour

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